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IT Pro Forum: Serverless in the Cloud : A Cost Perspective Session

Presented by: Ken Taylor, University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignThis talk will examine the cost of serverless technologies in the cloud based on the lessons learned from the COVID data…

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6C - Cloud Advisory survey results - obstacles to cloud adoption - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: W. Jason Strutz, Library; Josh Henry, College of ACESThe Cloud Advisory Subcommittee, working with a Gies Action Learning Team, distributed a survey on obstacles to cloud adoption in…

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Upcycled Apps: Adapting Existing IT Resources for Nontraditional Use Cases - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Kathy Walsh, Materials Research Lab (Slides are available under the Attachments tab.) Nontraditional software needs can often be addressed by creative, DIY adaptation of IT resources already…

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Migrating Workloads and Databases to the Cloud - Workshop - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Nathan Farris; Mike Botte Looking at your existing on-prem workloads and databases to determine which make the most sense to keep on-prem and which make the most sense to move to the cloud. Once you…

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4A - State of Cloud Platforms at Illinois - Joshua Mickle, Kevin Bird, Tom Grissom, Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

Overview of the current state of Cloud Platform services from Technology Services

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Welcome new students : Webstore services

Welcome new U of I students. Find all the software you need for your projects, coursework, and research at WebStore. Over 350 software products are available to University students for free or deeply…

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Storm Demo

Indy Gupta

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New Adobe CC Login Process

The University of Illinois has renewed our Adobe Creative Cloud Agreement. There are some very exciting and important changes as a result of this agreement renewal. The most notable change is single…

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Save Money on Software at the U of I WebStore

Learn how to navigate the U of I WebStore to save money on software.

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