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Interview w dad - Feb 6, 2021

Interview between Fabio Salas and his father regarding the father's educational journey from a child in Colombia to an adult immigrant in the U.S.

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Interview w Marcela in Spanish - Abby's mother

This interview was conducted immediately after interviewing Abby. In an effort to cut down on time without erasing part of Abby's story, I chose not to include this interview as part of my…

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EPOL-590_Spring 2021_Educational Oral History_ Fabio Salas

Educational Oral History for EPOL-590 Spring 2021 Interview between Fabio Salas and Abby, a 4th grade student in St Louis, MO. As a relatively new immigrant arrival who until two years ago did not…

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Cover Letter Tips

In this video, you will learn about some tips and tricks that will help you write better cover letters.

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Laura Gallant on Inflection

Laura Gallant, professor of Communication, talks about intercultural communication and the need to clearly communicate what is expected, not simply rely on typical intonation cues to convey meaning,…

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