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Live Session 6 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Student Engagement

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Live Session Set Up with Zoom

Learn how to set up and configure Zoom meetings for your live classes delivered from home or your office, and how to set up meeting polls and breakout rooms.

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Live Session 5 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Assessing student performance

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Live Session 4 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Course Communication

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Screencasting with Kaltura

Gies eLearning Tech Talk - Screencasting with Kaltura

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Live Session 3 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Creating and using video

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Live Session 2 Gies Teaching Academy 2

The Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Environment - Bringing it all together

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Live Session 1 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Online and Hybrid - Understanding the Environments

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