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Live Session 6 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Student Engagement

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Live Session 5 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Assessing student performance

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Live Session 4 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Course Communication

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Live Session 1 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Online and Hybrid - Understanding the Environments

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Teaching to Two Audiences

Norma Scagnoli, Sr. Director, and John Tubbs, Director of Digital Media of the Gies College of Business eLearning provide an overview of the experience for teaching and learning when there are two…

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Norma I. Scagnoli - Abriendo Caminos Hacia Prácticas Educativas Innovadoras

Norma I. Scagnoli (Ed) (2018) Book Presentation Presentación del Libro - Universidad Nacional de San Luis, 2018 "Este libro es una invitación para pensar y reflexionar juntos sobre…

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