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EXT Comms: When to Use Opt-Out vs. Unsubscribe in Group Manager

Extension has specific use cases which favor using the opt-out function of Webtools Group Manager instead of unsubscribe. Review the benefits of both.

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IGI Global STEAM Working Group Forum: Climate Crisis Resilience

The IGI Global STEAM Working Group presents the spring 2022 forum, Infrastructure in Health and Environmental Inequalities: Climate Crisis Resilience. A panel discussion with Dr. Karen Hardee, who…

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Meeting 12.2: Topological quantum computing IV

We show that if an extended unitary TQFT supports a quantum representation of a braid group with image that is dense inside of the unitary group of an appropriate state space, then the TQFT can be…

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Meeting 11.1: Topological quantum computing II

We mostly say more about (2+1)-dimensional unitary TQFTs. In particular, we define the quantum representations of mapping class groups of surfaces determined by a TQFT. We also begin to show one…

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Meeting 10.2: Topological quantum computing I

Continuing to follow Kitaev, we consider the toric code as the ground state space of a Hamiltonian constructed from the vertex and plaquette operators. The other eigenspaces of this Hamiltonian are…

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Meeting 3.1: More on knots, and building knot diagrams from braid words

We combinatorialize tame knots using stick presentations, then form knot diagrams by taking regular projections onto a plane. I explain two ways to convert a word in the generators of Artin's…

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Group Projects that Deepen Learning

Presenter: Leon Liebenberg (MechSE) Summary: Concerned by a growing sense of emotional disconnect among his students online, Leon responded by developing a series of scaffolded mini-projects as a…

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Compass Discussion Forum #2: How To Create Self-Enroll Group Discussion Boards with Compass

This is a short step-by-step training video on how to add new Discussion Boards in Blackboard Compass courses.

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Group 16 Consulting Inc.

Capstone Project for Core 2

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Using Wikis in Group Projects

Wikis are a great way for students to actively create knowledge together and an effective way to build a learning community.

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ASTR 330 Video Project-Maryam Yousefi

This video is mostly about the science fiction technology. It utilizes a scientific approach to explain the available technologies we actually have on earth and compare them with the science fiction…

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Michael Insana - Molecular Scale Imaging Technologies for Imaging Breast Cancer

Michael Insana is not only head of the Bioimaging Science and Technology group at Beckman but also a leader in developing novel ultrasonic instrumentation and methods for biological imaging. Insana…

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