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Using Webtools For Email Correspondence and Marketing

Understand how the CAN SPAM Act impacts your daily email marketing and correspondence. Email Marketing Basics: 1:35 CAN SPAM Act: 2:20 Commercial vs. Transactional Emails: 4:14 7 Requirements of the…

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EXT Comms: Deciphering Webtools Reports

The Report tab in Webtools holds secrets that will improve your audience engagement. Understanding how (or if) your clients are engaging with your emails and e-newsletters allows you to do more of…

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EXT Comms: When to Use Opt-Out vs. Unsubscribe in Group Manager

Extension has specific use cases which favor using the opt-out function of Webtools Group Manager instead of unsubscribe. Review the benefits of both. Presenter: Judy Bingman

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EXT Comms: Putting Together All the Pieces of Webtools | Creating Short URLs.

Ensure the public has an easy way to get to your webpages, videos, and registration sites by creating short, memorable URLs. We also demonstrate how to organize your short URLs, sent emails, and…

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EXT Comms Using Skin Designer and Email to Create Emails

Consistent branding is important to establishing Extension's brand identify and alignment with campus. This training reviews the CAN-SPAM Act requirements, the newly-released Extension Webtools…

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EXT Comms Creating Mailing Lists in Group Managers

Group Manager in Webtools allows you to target the exact customers you want to receive your emails and gives you an easy, automated way to meet the CAN-SPAM guidelines. In this 40 minute video, walk…

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EXT Comms Advance Webtools Techniques for Newsletters

Engage your audience (while satisfying all the CAN-SPAM rules) with sparkling topic-based newsletter. We'll review how to create newsletters using Email+ in Webtools. Presenter: Emily Steele

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EXT Comms: Organizing Your Custom URLs

If you create several short URLs in Webtools, use this handy tip to sort them into folders. Presenter: Judy Bingman

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Caffeine Break Ellie Burnette, WebTools Tips and Tricks - Friday, March 22, 2019

This week we have Ellie Burnette talking about Webtools tips for IT Pros: Have you ever wondered how to manage Webtools permissions for people in your unit, or whether you can request…

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