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Clip of Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Fresh from the Farmers Market

Tempted to go to the Farmers Market but not sure why or how? Learn why it’s better for you and your local economy to shop at the Farmers Market first! Get to know the farmer…

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Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Sample the Season

What kind of fruits and vegetables should you expect when you arrive at an Illinois farmers market? Learn how to prepare these fruits and vegetables and get inspiration for ways to use them at the…

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Pivoting in a Pandemic: Local Business Edition

Presenters: Judy Lee (Made in Urbana), Seth Fein (PYGMALION), Kristina Reese (Kristina Reese Yoga), Charlie Harris (The Rose Bowl Tavern)Summary: COVID-19 has made adapting to new regulations and…

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STAT425: Non-parametric Regression

In this video we discuss Non-parametric regression methods: kernel estimators, smoothing splines and local polynomials

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