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Signed Power (A.K.A. Absorbed Power)

This video walks through multiple examples on how to compute the signed power (more traditionally called "absorbed power" in the literature) given the voltage and current for any circuit…

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Lecture 9 - Average Power

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The Power of Presentations: Enhancing your Slides for Teaching and Engagement

Summary: Throughout your life you will, almost certainly, give presentations. We’ve all sat through presentations that were boring, confusing, and drab. How do you communicate your message…

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Smart Grid: Key to a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

Abstract: Deepak Divan talks about how energy problems might be addressed with new transmission technologies. Title: Smart Grid: Key to a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Speaker: Deepak Divan …

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Lecture 9 Time-varying - Schmitz

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Profitability Ratios

Examination and analysis of profitability ratios

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Lecture 4 to 5 - Gilbert

Energy, Power, and Capacitor slides narrated by Matthew Gilbert

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Lecture 5

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Connie Rolison Corbett Oral History

Connie Rolison Corbett came to the University of Illinois as a transfer student in 1963, majoring in medical technology. She came to Illinois because she felt lonely at Ohio University, where she…

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