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Proctoring and Privacy - Dave Mussulman and Olivia Arnold

Gain insight from teaching and learning experts about what we can do to improve privacy protections and support online learning.

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Privacy in Emerging Technologies - Dr Yang Wang

Professor Wang will share information about privacy in emerging technology, such as online tracking, advertising, and smart homes. Learn about important issues for privacy for marginalized…

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Safer Illinois - Isaac Galvan - Keith Wessel - Ed Delaporte .mp4

Learn about the Safer Illinois app and how Privacy and Security are “baked in” to provide the best application experience.

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Privacy, The Internet of Things (IOT) and Metadata - Dr Robin Kravets and Dr Madelyn Sanfilippo

1. Maintaining Private Communication for IoT Applications 2. Metadata Privacy and Governance When people consider privacy, they often think about sensitive categorical data, such as educational…

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Privacy and Research Human Subjects - Dr Anita Balgopal

Privacy and Research - Considerations for Human Subjects Research Anita Balgopal, PhD Confidentiality and privacy are important aspects of ethical human subjects research. This talk will…

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Setting Permissions in Digication Classic

This presentation covers the permission settings for Digication; what they are and how to use them.

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Data Privacy Day 2016 - Data Privacy in Social Media

Nick Vance, from the Social Media Analytics team at Technology Services, and Detective Rob Murphy from UIPD discuss how your data is used in and across companies and social media. TRANSCRIPT:…

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