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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Riding Safely in the Data Lane (Uber)

Join us for an insightful panel discussion with two leading experts from Uber as they delve into the world of privacy compliance and the innovative privacy features integrated into the Uber app.…

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Regulated Research and CUI at Illinois

The protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is a critical concern for UIUC's research community. Many of our researchers are already working on projects from Federal agencies…

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Privacy Implications in the New World of AI

AI by way of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models have captured the attention of all of us over the past year or so. What are the important privacy considerations in this new landscape? …

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Privacy Engineering as a Profession

Privacy Engineering is an emerging field that is gaining traction as compliance mandates become more complex and require technical expertise. The definition of what constitutes privacy…

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Online Advertising and National Security

Behind the scenes on almost all websites and apps is a system that operates auctions for ad space. That system, called “Real Time Bidding”, causes a vast and ongoing data breach. As a…

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Keynote

Kim Milford, Chief Information Security Officer, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignKim Milford is Deputy CIO and Chief Information Security Officer, University of Illinois at…

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Big 10 Academic Alliance Privacy Panel

Privacy professionals from around the Big 10 discuss our various privacy programs and how we implement privacy principles at our universities. We touch on our available resources and strategies we…

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Privacy Everywhere 2024 - Balancing AI Innovation and Privacy

As AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it raises significant privacy concerns. This panel will specifically focus on the privacy and data risk aspects associated with…

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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Encryption

Nuts and Bolts is a periodic, informal, and optional project demo / show and tell / cross training session of the Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity (IPC) unit of Technology Services at Illinois.

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Privacy, Analytics & Web Development

Description: Developing beautiful and easy to use websites and mobile applications oftentimes requires iterative development based upon user engagement and feedback. Additionally, some…

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CIO Technology Services - Fall 2022-IS 199-iSchool Explore, Engage, Devel-Section EE2

Phil Reiter (Associate Director of Privacy in the Office of the CIO Technology Services Privacy and Security) & Sheena Bishop (Privacy Analyst and Assistant HIPAA Officer in the Office of the CIO…

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Data Privacy Seminar Series: Michele Gilman

“Data-Centric Technologies and the Construction of Class”Michele Gilman, University of Baltimore School of LawThis talk explores the ways in which data-centric technologies are producing…

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Data Privacy Seminar Series: Anita Allen

"Privacy Law and Race Equity"Professor Anita Allen, University of Pennsylvania In the opening decades of the 21st century popular online platforms rapidly transformed the world. These…

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Licensing Privacy - Vendor Contract and Policy Rubric

Many libraries seeking to protect user privacy find navigating vendor contracts and policies frustrating. Contract language can be opaque and obfuscate potential risks to users’ privacy, making…

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A5 - Privacy Everywhere at Illinois - the Privacy Office and Building Privacy Culture - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

Zoom Recording ID: 86435789614 UUID: 4JGn4olVQYqZ1Q5ZrrSQuQ== Meeting Time: 2021-11-03T20:09:09Z

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Work Secure Episode 4: Data Misconceptions and More

Phil Reiter, the Associate Director of Privacy, returns to talk about common misconceptions around online data collection and privacy-related questions to ask before you start using a new app or…

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Work Secure Episode 3: Privacy Primer

Join host Dana Mancuso for a discussion with Phil Reiter, Associate Director of Privacy, about what data privacy is, why we should care about it, and how it’s protected by laws and…

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Proctoring and Privacy - Dave Mussulman and Olivia Arnold

Gain insight from teaching and learning experts about what we can do to improve privacy protections and support online learning.

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Privacy in Emerging Technologies - Dr Yang Wang

Professor Wang will share information about privacy in emerging technology, such as online tracking, advertising, and smart homes. Learn about important issues for privacy for marginalized…

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Safer Illinois - Isaac Galvan - Keith Wessel - Ed Delaporte .mp4

Learn about the Safer Illinois app and how Privacy and Security are “baked in” to provide the best application experience.

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Privacy, The Internet of Things (IOT) and Metadata - Dr Robin Kravets and Dr Madelyn Sanfilippo

1. Maintaining Private Communication for IoT Applications 2. Metadata Privacy and Governance When people consider privacy, they often think about sensitive categorical data, such as…

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Privacy and Research Human Subjects - Dr Anita Balgopal

Privacy and Research - Considerations for Human Subjects Research Anita Balgopal, PhD Confidentiality and privacy are important aspects of ethical human subjects research. This talk will…

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Setting Permissions in Digication Classic

This presentation covers the permission settings for Digication; what they are and how to use them.

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Data Privacy Day 2016 - Data Privacy in Social Media

Nick Vance, from the Social Media Analytics team at Technology Services, and Detective Rob Murphy from UIPD discuss how your data is used in and across companies and social media. TRANSCRIPT:…

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