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K - Next things - Surviving and thriving from tomorrow through ten years out - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

The last few years have stacked a pandemic and a global economic recession on top of the already-worrying demographic and financial trends affecting higher education. As we come out of the scramble…

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Scott Weiss - Oct 20, 2021: How can human-centered design solve systemic social challenges?

Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, Scott Weiss, showcases examples of how human-centered design, creative cross-sector partnerships, and customer experience initiatives are catalyzing…

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Technology Transfer - National Labs Webinar

Technology transfer exists at the intersection between business and science. Technology transfer professionals accelerate the process of converting scientific discovery into everyday reality by…

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Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams Training

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Women Chemists' Committee '10 Steps to a Successful Job Search' Workshop

Women Chemists' Committee '10 Steps to a Successful Job Search' Workshop

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Photoshop Level 1 (first half) on Aug 31

Photoshop level 1, part 1 covers Photoshop's user interface, color and editing.

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Handshake Career Fair Registration Tutorial

Zoom Recording ID: 81233941002 UUID: Ik5k1i0PTgmiSkgjsv6EYQ== Meeting Time: 2021-08-24T18:41:19Z

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Photoshop Getting Started Aug 19 2021

Edit your first photo with Photoshop. We edit a non-descript landscape scene, improving color, removing objects and applying artistic filters in this 2 hour tutorial with non-destructive adjustment…

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Scheduling Online meetings with Outlook

MS Outlook is the standard for campus scheduling. This 1-hour course goes over the basics of scheduling meetings, including using the Scheduling Assistant, then talks about the options for each of…

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Outlook Calendar via Zoom

Zoom Recording ID: 83091898272 UUID: 73soLbSdQF60NOpHT7RWVQ== Meeting Time: 2021-08-10T13:46:57Z

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Illustrator Getting Started

Creating a vector graphic (logo) during this Illustrator tutorial

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How to Schedule an Exam Using the TAC App

This walkthrough shows you step-by-step how to use the DRES Testing Accommodation Center's self-service app to schedule your exams. Still have questions after watching? You can reach out to TAC…

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Resume/CV Success for Grad Students & Postdocs

Resume/CV Success for Grad Students & Postdocs

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Informational Interviewing Tips with Katie Cole

Informational Interviewing Tips

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The Art of Balancing Work and Family with Katheryne Rehberg

ACES Alumna Katheryne Rehberg shares strategies of balancing career, family, hobbies, and community involvement.

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How Not to Get Stuck @ Work with Danielle Waterworth

ACES alumn Danielle Waterworth shares advice on how to recreate yourself for your next role.

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"International Librarianship Discussion with Clara M. Chu" hosted by the ALA@UIUC student chapter

18 March 2021 International Librarianship Discussion with Clara Chu Moderated by Nathan Sonnenschein, co-chair of the International Committee of the ALA student chapter at UIUC and Sylvia Figueroa…

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ACES - Zoom Advanced training

This training covers the topic of Advanced features of Zoom.Polling (10 minutes) Zoom Annotation with Screenshare (5 minutes) Breakout rooms (5 minutes) Waiting Rooms (5 minutes) Auto-caption (2…

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Internship Considerations: Which One and How to Rock it!

Emily Bluhm and Jean Drasgow interview ACES Alumna, Kennedy Davis about considerations in selecting an internship and how to rock the internship once you have it.

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Microsoft Teams Basics

MIcrosoft Teams Basics led by FAST3 and Tech Services service manager

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Beating the Bots

Sophie Roney from PickedUS joins Jean Drasgow and Emily Bluhm discussing how to beat applicant tracking system.

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Interviewing Tips During a Pandemic with Seaboard Foods

Rachel Van Fosen shares interviewing tips during a pandemic.

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Personal Branding with Melissa Belcher

Personal Branding Tips with Melissa Belcher

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Workplace Etiquette: How to Get Ahead

HR Veteran provides tips on how to be socially aware at work in order to achieve career success.

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