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IFLA WLIC 2023 North America Virtual Hub - Session 1: Towards Guidelines for Library Services with Indigenous Peoples: North American Perspectives

IFLA WLIC 2023 North America Virtual Hub - Session 1: Towards Guidelines for Library Services with Indigenous Peoples: North American…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar: Career Opportunities in Big Tech

Many computer scientists spend their entire careers in large tech companies. Do you wonder what it would be like to do that long term? Might you get stuck on a project and have to change…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar: Equity and Social Justice in Computing

Computing is pervasive in all areas of society and impacts virtually every aspect of our lives. As computing professionals, it is imperative that consider this in our work and attempt to understand…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar: What's Your Brand? Developing Your Professional Persona

This session will address the dos and don'ts of building a professional image. Topics will include using various resources to highlight your brand, auditing your web presence (personal websites…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar: Tips for Successfully Onboarding your Job or Internship

Now you've accepted your offer that great job or internship, and the start date is creeping up on you. What should you do now to ensure you have a smooth start? What can you prepare in advance?…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar: Startups & Entrepreneurship

Do you dream of having your own startup? Are you curious to know what it would be like to work on a startup and wonder what you can do as a student to prepare? This session will feature speakers who…

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System Purchasing and Support Services - COVID-19 Oral Histories

System Purchasing and Support Services. Daniel (Dan) Szajna, Director of System Purchasing and Support Services, University of Illinois. Amy Heggemeyer, Coordinator of University Contracts at System…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar: Negotiating Offers

So now you've got an offer from someplace you'd like to work. But you're not sure how to evaluate the offer.... Can, or even should, you ask for more? What is and what isn't…

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SHIELD Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) - COVID-19 Oral Histories

AJ Lavender, Director of Project Management, SHIELD Illinois.Christina Molitor, Lab IT and Operations, SHIELD Illinois.Tanya Williamson, Collection Site Project Manager, SHIELD Illinois. Note: All…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar | Interview Skills

You've landed an interview - congrats! But now you're wondering what you can do to prepare. There are many types of interviews... They come at different stages of the recruitment process…

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Martin McFarlane - COVID-19 Oral Histories

Martin McFarlane, Director of International Student and Scholar Services at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Interview conducted by Paul Gilbert II. Oral history conducted for…

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CS 491 - Professional Development Seminar | Resume Building

As a prelude to UIUC Grainger's CS/ECE "After Hours" reception and Career Fair, a representative from Engineering Career Services will help prepare students in crafting and developing…

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This video explores key components of career decision making. Knowing what makes up a career choice helps us identify specific places to focus to effectively address career problems.(Created by LAS…

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Tackling the Messy Problem of Career Exploration with Design Thinking

This video introduces Design Thinking, one helpful approach to understanding the messy problem of career exploration. (Created by LAS Career Services)

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Regeneron Intellectual Property Info Session

Regeneron Information Session on Internships for Biological & Chemical Sciences undergrads Zoom Recording ID: 86446803208 UUID: bGX+F97uRduDOGA2CFi3Xg== Meeting Time: 2022-10-25 11:16:18pm

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Benefits of Working for Smaller Organizations

Learn about the benefits of working for a smaller company.

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The World of Work: Understanding the building blocks of occupation, organization, and industry

This video introduces key concepts about the World of Work, demonstrating relationships between college majors, skills sets, occupations, organzations, and industries. Learn how major does not equal…

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Strategies for Next Steps in Your Career

A discussion with professionals from GDM about finding the next steps in your career.

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Join ACES alumni in learning about their career journeys.

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No Ag, No Problem

AGCO staff members discuss how they found their way to working for an Ag-based company with no Ag background.

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Curious about Consulting?

Join ACES Career Services and associates from GEP discussing consulting.

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Four ACES Alumni share their career journeys. They describe what they do and provide advice for current students.

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Microsoft Cloud Storage: OneDrive & SharePoint Online

Microsoft Cloud Storage: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online Level 100In this new hybrid work environment, interchanging between office and home for work, you can create, view, edit and share…

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Tyson on the Inside

ACES Career Services chats with McCaloph Caston and Ben McFarlin to gain some thoughtful insights about Tyson.

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