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Benefits of Working for Smaller Organizations

Learn about the benefits of working for a smaller company.

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The World of Work: Understanding the building blocks of occupation, organization, and industry

This video introduces key concepts about the World of Work, demonstrating relationships between college majors, skills sets, occupations, organzations, and industries. Learn how major does not equal…

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What makes up a career choice?

This video helps students breakdown the complex and messy problem of making a career choice into manageable components. (Created by LAS Career Services)

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Strategies for Next Steps in Your Career

A discussion with professionals from GDM about finding the next steps in your career.

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Join ACES alumni in learning about their career journeys.

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No Ag, No Problem

AGCO staff members discuss how they found their way to working for an Ag-based company with no Ag background.

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Curious about Consulting?

Join ACES Career Services and associates from GEP discussing consulting.

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Four ACES Alumni share their career journeys. They describe what they do and provide advice for current students.

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Tyson on the Inside

ACES Career Services chats with McCaloph Caston and Ben McFarlin to gain some thoughtful insights about Tyson.

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Technology Transfer - National Labs Webinar

Technology transfer exists at the intersection between business and science. Technology transfer professionals accelerate the process of converting scientific discovery into everyday reality by…

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Women Chemists' Committee '10 Steps to a Successful Job Search' Workshop

Women Chemists' Committee '10 Steps to a Successful Job Search' Workshop

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Handshake Career Fair Registration Tutorial

Zoom Recording ID: 81233941002 UUID: Ik5k1i0PTgmiSkgjsv6EYQ== Meeting Time: 2021-08-24T18:41:19Z

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Resume/CV Success for Grad Students & Postdocs

Resume/CV Success for Grad Students & Postdocs

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Informational Interviewing Tips with Katie Cole

Informational Interviewing Tips

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The Art of Balancing Work and Family with Katheryne Rehberg

ACES Alumna Katheryne Rehberg shares strategies of balancing career, family, hobbies, and community involvement.

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How Not to Get Stuck @ Work with Danielle Waterworth

ACES alumn Danielle Waterworth shares advice on how to recreate yourself for your next role.

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Internship Considerations: Which One and How to Rock it!

Emily Bluhm and Jean Drasgow interview ACES Alumna, Kennedy Davis about considerations in selecting an internship and how to rock the internship once you have it.

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Beating the Bots

Sophie Roney from PickedUS joins Jean Drasgow and Emily Bluhm discussing how to beat applicant tracking system.

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Interviewing Tips During a Pandemic with Seaboard Foods

Rachel Van Fosen shares interviewing tips during a pandemic.

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Personal Branding with Melissa Belcher

Personal Branding Tips with Melissa Belcher

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Workplace Etiquette: How to Get Ahead

HR Veteran provides tips on how to be socially aware at work in order to achieve career success.

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Job Search 101

Alumna Mareah Volk shares job search tips to current students.

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Career Influencer - Study Abroad

ACES alumni Courteney Fox and Joshua Reed discuss how studying abroad impacted their careers.

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Milena Nutrobkina Discusses Internships at Illinois

Chemical Engineer Milena Nutrobkina Discusses Internships at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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