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C-U Herb Society Meeting, February 1, 2023 "Meadowbrook Park - Farmstead Updates"

C-U Herb Society meeting, February 1, 2023 Meadowbrook Park - Farmstead Updates by Tim Bartlett, Urbana Park District Executive Director, and Derek Liebert, UPD Superintendent of Planning and…

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1/20/23 Kara Dudek-Mizel: Park Planning & the Rehabilitation of an Urban Lake

Crystal Lake Park dates back to the founding of the Urbana Park District in 1907. It is Urbana’s only public, recreational water body and an important resource for the community. Learn how…

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C-U Herb Society Meeting, April 6, 2022 "The Use of Herbs in Naturopathic Medicine"

C-U Herb Society Meeting, April 6, 2022 "The Use of Herbs in Naturopathic Medicine" by Andrew Peters, Dc, ND, chiroparactic and naturopathic physician. Recorded on 4/6/2022.

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C-U Herb Society Meeting, March 2, 2022 "The Urbana Free Library Seed Exchange Program"

More Lightning Talks about All Things Herbal: The Urbana Free Library Seed Exchange by Joel Spencer and Jordan Kahle, The Urbana Free Library. Recorded on 3/2/2022.

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Pivoting in a Pandemic: Local Business Edition

Presenters: Judy Lee (Made in Urbana), Seth Fein (PYGMALION), Kristina Reese (Kristina Reese Yoga), Charlie Harris (The Rose Bowl Tavern)Summary: COVID-19 has made adapting to new regulations and…

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The sound of politics_lkuchar2_attempt_2020-10-06-09-34-48_The sound of politics

10/05/2020 10:32pm-10:33pm In the recording, you hear the car go from a pole hole ridden asphalt road, to a cobble stone road at also has random blocks of cement to fill the holes…

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Student Affairs 2015 Holiday Greeting

A quick run through of the 2015 fall semester for the Student Affairs 2015 Holiday Greeting.

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Promoting Immigration in Champaign-Urbana

Showing the great area of Champaign-Urbana and how it can adapt with other cities to host immigrants in the best way possible.

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