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∞. Final Exam Review

Logistics Read the questions Pareto-optimal points Separating points with parallel lines Rooted subtree search Nesting boxes Escape wiring Elmo and Daisy play cards badly

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26. Splay trees and the dynamic optimality conjecture

Splay trees Amortized time via potential function Access Lemma ⇒ O(log n) amortized time per splay Generalized Access Lemma ⇒ static optimality What is a "dynamic BST"? Geometric…

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25. Online algorithms

What are online algorithms? Example: paging The lost cow problem Exponential search is 9-competitive Randomizing first step direction: expected competitive ratio 7 [Kao, Reif, Tate}: Randomizing…

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24. LP duality and the simplex algorithm

LP duality: swap roles of matrix constraints and variables Weak duality theorem: cx ≤ yAx ≤ yb Physical interpretation of optimal dual solution Vocabulary: basis, location, value, feasible,…

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23. Linear programming

Definition of linear programming Example: Maximum flows Geometry: Lowest point in a convex polyhedron Infeasible and unbounded LPs Canonical (standard inequality) form Example: Shortest paths as a…

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22. Minimum cost flows

Minimum-cost circulations Cycle cancelling Minimum-cost flows Feasible then balanced then locally optimal Successive shortest paths: feasible and locally optimal then balanced

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21. More applications and extensions

Minimum vertex cover Project selection Non-zero balances Lower bounds on edges

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20. More applications of maximum flow

General strategy Scheduling final exams Tuple selection Disjoint path cover in dags Cycle cover in directed graphs

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19. Midterm 2 review

hashing collisions leaves in treaps Thomas the Tank Engine gets COVID cyclic shifts of strings

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18. Applications/extensions of maximum flow

Edge-disjoint paths Undirected graphs Vertex capacities and vertex-disjoint paths Maximum bipartite matching The Jacobi-Berge alternating path algorithm (aka Ford-Fulkerson)

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17. Maximum flow structure and algorithms

Definition review Ford-Fulkerson Bad example with integer capacities Really bad example with irrational capacities Decomposing flows into paths and cycles Good augmenting paths: fattest and shortest

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16. Maximum flows and minimum cuts

Definition of maximum flows Definition of minimum cuts The maxflow-mincut theorem Easy direction: follow the inequalities Harder direction: Residual graphs Ford-Fulkerson

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15. String matching via careful failure

Avoiding redundant comparisons The fail function and finite-state machine Knuth-Morris-Pratt: O(n) worst-case time Border of P = any proper prefix of P that is also a suffix of P fail[j] - 1 is the…

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15. String matching via rolling hash

The string matching problem Almost brute force -> O(mn) worst-case time but usually good in practice unless you are a potato Intuition: interpret strings as numbers Use modular arithmetic, but…

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14. More Hashing

Open addressed hashing Fictional analysis: Strongly universal hashing Linear probing and binary probing Analysis of binary probing: full versus popular 2-uniformity and Chebyshev imply O(log n)…

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13. Hashing

Hash table definitions and standard fiction Deterministic hash functions are stupid. Families of hash functions Uniform (yawn), universal, and strongly universal (2-uniform) families of hash…

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12. Tail inequalities

What are tail inequalities? Markov's inequality: Pr[ X > x ] ≤ E[X} / x Independent random variables Chebyshev: If X is sum of pairwise-independent 0/1 variables: E[ (X–μ)^2 ]…

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11. Treaps

Binary search tree (ordered dictionary) operations Treaps: BST with respect to keys + min-heap with respect to priorities Insert, delete, split, and join algorithms; time bounded by node depth…

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10. Midterm review session

Review session for Midterm 1

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9. Matching nuts and bolts

Midterm 1 logistics Rawlins’ nuts and bolts problem Reductions to and from sorting nuts and/or bolts Randomized quicksort! Full-history recurrence Back of the envelope analysis via good and…

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8. Discrete probability review

Reflections|Projections! Randomized algorithms: what and why? Discrete sample spaces, good old rock, events, probability, conditional probability Random variables: expectation, conditional…

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7. Speeding up dynamic programming

Finding minimum elements in every row of an array No other information: Brute force O(mn) is optimal Monotone: Minima in higher rows are above/left of minima in later rows Filtering: row minima in…

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6. Revenge of the son of dynamic programming

Dynamic programming over directed acyclic graphs: longest path Saving space: Sliding windows Reconstructing structure by walking through memorized data Choudhury and Ramachandran's algorithm:…

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5. Even more dynamic programming

Intuitive sketches of common recursion patterns Dynamic programming in trees: Maximum independent set Memoization is depth-first search; dynamic programming is postorder traversal

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