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Signed Power (A.K.A. Absorbed Power)

This video walks through multiple examples on how to compute the signed power (more traditionally called "absorbed power" in the literature) given the voltage and current for any circuit…

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Meeting 12.2: Topological quantum computing IV

We show that if an extended unitary TQFT supports a quantum representation of a braid group with image that is dense inside of the unitary group of an appropriate state space, then the TQFT can be…

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Meeting 11.1: Topological quantum computing II

We mostly say more about (2+1)-dimensional unitary TQFTs. In particular, we define the quantum representations of mapping class groups of surfaces determined by a TQFT. We also begin to show one…

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Meeting 7.1: BQP and QMA

I define BQP ("bounded error quantum polynomial time") and pay lip service to the Solovay-Kitaev theorem (hopefully a student will prove it in a talk at the end of the semester). I also…

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Meeting 6.2: More on reversible circuits, and quantum circuits

I follow up more thoroughly on RSAT, an NP-complete satisfiability problem for Boolean reversible circuits. It actually has several variants, of which we discuss 2. (See my Section 2.2 of one of my…

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Meeting 6.1: Classical warm-ups to quantum computing

We discuss (classical) probabilistic algorithms and reversible circuits.

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Oh Snap! Fixing a broken nine-volt adapter

How to strip wires with a scissors and reattach to the barrel plug.

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Lecture 9 - Average Power

Zoom Recording ID: 87197262823 UUID: XtuTWp3OSeqtkb+1ZaaHbQ== Meeting Time: 2021-02-24T15:51:49Z

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