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Quick Motor Check

We received a batch of motors that had a number of open circuits. It is easier to test your motor and get a replacement than to build your car and then realize there is an issue. The cars are very…

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Electronics Kit Pickup

A quick look at the complete contents of the hardware materials needed for ECE 110 in the Spring of 2023.

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Electronics Kit Parts Check

Prof. Schmitz opens and parses through the contents of the ECE 110 Electronics small-parts Kit in the Spring of 2023. The kit contents and quantities change from semester to semester, so please use…

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Button Overview

Zoom Recording ID: 81376673435 UUID: ppv+PqJPRpGmy8FF4v34Dw== Meeting Time: 2021-02-12T14:56:21Z

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Extech MN35

Short tutorial of the MN35.

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Solution - How Many LEDs are On?

Step-by-Step worked example on "How Many LEDs are On?"

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Oh Snap! Fixing a broken nine-volt adapter

How to strip wires with a scissors and reattach to the barrel plug.

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Diode Physics

ECE 110 AL1 - Fall 2019

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Breadboard Intro

Details the purpose and insides of a solderless protoboard (breadboard) as well as a few best practices in its use.

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Light Seeking Car

Example video of a car that seeks out light, perhaps when in re-charging mode.

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Series and Parallel

Wordy definitions are aided by solid procedures for identifying elements as being in series or parallel connection (or neither or both) within a circuit.

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Shadow Chassis Build

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 15

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Electrons Don't Win Races

Learn about Charge and Current through the water analogy while avoiding a very popular misconception!

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Voltage Intro

ECE 110 AL1 - Fall 2019

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