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Make Good Art featuring Lisa Dixon

College of Fine and Applied Arts

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Holding Up the Sky: Women’s Health and Wellness

The STEM Illinois Communiversity Think and Do Tank Webcast series is designed to provide a space for members of the university and community to think about how to create an ecosystem where…

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The Creation of Virago-Man Dem: Research, Collaboration, and Exploration

Explore the creative process behind Cynthia Oliver's Virago-Man Dem. This mini-documentary focuses on a work from Oliver, a Bessie Award-winning professor of dance and the Associate Vice…

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DANCE at Illinois

Come and dance with us at Illinois! The Department of Dance is the place for find your center, your future, and yourself!

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Timings: An Internet Dance —full length version

Full length recording of Timings: An Internet Dance which was premiered in December 2013. This recording is of the University of Illinois location, one of three that participated in the performance:…

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Timings: An Internet Dance - Excerpted

A shortened edit of Timings: An Internet Dance, performed in December 2013 as part of the last season of offerings byIJPAN, the Illinois- Japan Performing Arts Network. Produced by John Toenjes.…

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