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Make Good Art featuring Lisa Dixon

College of Fine and Applied Arts

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Pedagogy and Assessment of Human-Centered Design

Saad Shehab (Siebel Center for Design) Bringing Human-Centered Design (HCD) to educational settings helps students develop human-centered, metacognitive, collaborative, and creative mindsets all of…

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An Exploration of Multimodal Assignments

Presenters: Robert Baird (CITL), Dawn Bohn (FHSN), Rachel Magee (iSchool), David Mussulman (Engineering/iSchool)Summary: Senior Associate Director Robert Baird will moderate a panel discussion on…

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Design with Faithful Oladeji

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with us as we talk Design with one of our DRI graduate student, Faithful Oladeji.

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Sadie Red Wing Interview Short

Sadie Red Wing, how do you brainstorm ... analog or digital?

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Design Qs + Sadie Red Wing

Interview with Sadie Red Wing from Fort Totten, North Dakota. Red Wing earned her BFA in New Media Arts and Interactive Design at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She received her Master of…

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Accessibility, Equity, and UDL: Dos, Don’ts, and Time-Saving Practices

Presenter: Lawrence Angrave (CS) Summary: Students may present a wide range of hidden and non-hidden physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. Lawrence will highlight principles of universal…

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Design Qs with JP :: Interview

Grab a cup o' joe or tea; and sit with us as we have a design conversation with our guest, JP Ramirez. JP will share his thoughts on design, design strategies and embracing the work. JP is a…

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Design Video Series + JP RAMIREZ Interview

Grab a cup o' joe, tea or a glass of wine ... and sit with us as we chat with our guest, JP Ramirez. JP will share his thoughts on design, design strategies, practices and embracing the work. …

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Harnessing the Profound Connection Between Emotion and Learning to Enhance the Success of All Students

Presenter: Shelly Schmidt (FSHN)Summary: Shelly will describe her work on the impactful connections between emotion and learning, and discuss ways to make our college classrooms a safe and authentic…

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AsiaLENS: Edo Avant Garde

Edo Avant Garde is a film revealing the untold story of how Japanese artists of the Edo era (1603 - 1868) set the stage for the "modern art" movement in the West. During the Edo era, bold…

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Effective and Efficient Teaching for Student Success

Presenter: Emily Knox (iSchool) Summary: Teaching is a skill acquired over time, often through the development of tacit knowledge, and can be difficult to articulate. Emily will tease apart this…

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Immersion and Engagement: Teaching through Games & Simulations

Presenters: Judith Pintar (iSchool) & Dan Steward (Sociology) Summary: Judith and Dan will discuss the ways they use games to enhance learning, including table top role-playing to teach about…

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Group Projects that Deepen Learning

Presenter: Leon Liebenberg (MechSE) Summary: Concerned by a growing sense of emotional disconnect among his students online, Leon responded by developing a series of scaffolded mini-projects as a…

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A Conversation with John Jennings and Damian Duffy

A conversation with comics artist John Jennings and author Damian Duffy about their adaptation of Octavia Butler's masterpiece Parable of the Sower. Facilitated by DoMonique Arnold, Uni High…

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Richard Starkings :: ARTD 222-Typographic Practice :: TALK

Richard Starkings, a British comic book writer, editor, lettering artist, graphic designer and comic book font designer speaks with our UIUC/GD design students. He shares his thoughts on lettering,…

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Study Art & Design at Illinois: Andrew Harlan

Graphic Design major Andrew Harlan speaks to potential students about his Illinois Experience.

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Magnetic Fields Trailer (I-MRSEC web series)

A group of young people discover a strange new material while visiting a research center at the University of Illinois. What happens when they steal it? Watch the trailer for the web episode series…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Jenny Peruski (Art History) - Sandals & Culture

"People were always imaging themselves as much more." Jenny studies the spread of Islam in East Africa by looking at how sandals operate as product of social interaction, expression and…

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Conservation of the Latina/Latino Studies & La Casa Cultural Latina Murals

The video features an update on the conservation work of vibrant room-size murals symbolizing the struggle of Latina/Latino students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The murals,…

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Walter Gropius: the Architect as Artist - Audiovisual Records from Instructional Videotapes, Series 5/7/17

Audiovisual Records from Instructional Videotapes, Series 5/7/17 Walter Gropius: the Architect as Artist Digitized video. Walter Gropius: the architect as Artist, lecture by Professor Marcel…

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