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CITL Art of Teaching Lunchtime Seminar Series

Pursue Peer Review with Yvonne Redman (School of Music) and Emelie Mies (Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning - CITL) View transcript.

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CITL Art of Teaching Lunchtime Seminar Series: Jenny Amos - Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Zoom Recording ID: 89487112313 UUID: q1YwI4ASSqC7P5UXRwd1YQ== Meeting Time: 2023-02-02 05:45:49pmGMT

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Hybrid Learning :The Best of Both Worlds, or The Worst?

Art of Teaching Lunchtime Seminar Series Aimee Barbeau and Eric Larson - Gies College of Business Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning The hybrid classroom is often called the best of…

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The Art of Socially Just Leadership Education

V. S. Chunoo (Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication) V. Chunoo will describe how he teaches toward pro-social learning outcomes using a leadership learning model rooted in cultural…

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From Traditional to Ungraded: Student Perspectives on a Spectrum of Grading Practices

Discussion Leader Kary Zarate with Emily Tarconish, Jessica Hardy, and Catherine Corr (Special Education) Faculty in the department of Special Education have been exploring a variety of grading…

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Panel Conversation with Technology Services CIOs

Interim CIO Scott Genung and Interim Deputy CIO Drew MacGregor Conversation with Technology Services CIOs Interim CIO Scott Genung and Interim Deputy CIO Drew MacGregor. Find out what you need to…

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Gameful Pedagogy in Practice

Laura Shackelford (Biomedical and Translational Sciences) Laura will describe gameful strategies she's added to her course including a nontraditional, additive grading system where students…

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Unlocking Student Creativity with the Un-Essay

Petra Jelinek (Anthropology)The un-essay is an assessment strategy that challenges students to interact with course content in meaningful ways and demonstrate their creativity, as well as their…

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Teaching for Social Justice in the Classroom

FEBRUARY 3, 2022: Teaching for Social Justice in the Classroom Billy Huff (Communication) Critical pedagogy includes developing inclusive curricula, encouraging critical thinking, de-centering…

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What I Know Now: Lessons about Teaching and Learning

What would you say to your younger self about teaching and learning? This session features a panel of veteran faculty members reflecting on some of their earliest teaching experiences. Each of them…

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Balancing Freedom and Guidance with 'Yes' Spaces in STEM Classrooms

Katie Ansell (Physics) Many instructors face the challenge of wanting to support student agency and creativity while having to teach established procedures in their fields. While it's safer and…

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Integrating Multi-Media Course Tools to Support Studio and Design Learning

Karin Hodgin Jones (Fine and Applied Arts) Studio-based courses require students to create original and sophisticated content while they are learning to use the tools and techniques required to…

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Pedagogy and Assessment of Human-Centered Design

Saad Shehab (Siebel Center for Design) Bringing Human-Centered Design (HCD) to educational settings helps students develop human-centered, metacognitive, collaborative, and creative mindsets all of…

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An Exploration of Multimodal Assignments

Presenters: Robert Baird (CITL), Dawn Bohn (FHSN), Rachel Magee (iSchool), David Mussulman (Engineering/iSchool)Summary: Senior Associate Director Robert Baird will moderate a panel discussion on…

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Accessibility, Equity, and UDL: Dos, Don’ts, and Time-Saving Practices

Presenter: Lawrence Angrave (CS) Summary: Students may present a wide range of hidden and non-hidden physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. Lawrence will highlight principles of universal…

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Harnessing the Profound Connection Between Emotion and Learning to Enhance the Success of All Students

Presenter: Shelly Schmidt (FSHN)Summary: Shelly will describe her work on the impactful connections between emotion and learning, and discuss ways to make our college classrooms a safe and authentic…

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Effective and Efficient Teaching for Student Success

Presenter: Emily Knox (iSchool) Summary: Teaching is a skill acquired over time, often through the development of tacit knowledge, and can be difficult to articulate. Emily will tease apart this…

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Immersion and Engagement: Teaching through Games & Simulations

Presenters: Judith Pintar (iSchool) & Dan Steward (Sociology) Summary: Judith and Dan will discuss the ways they use games to enhance learning, including table top role-playing to teach about…

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Group Projects that Deepen Learning

Presenter: Leon Liebenberg (MechSE) Summary: Concerned by a growing sense of emotional disconnect among his students online, Leon responded by developing a series of scaffolded mini-projects as a…

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