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Sp22 Las Intern Recruitment Video

Join the LAS internship team by applying for one of our many internships beginning in the Sp '22 semester. Check out our recruitment webpage for more information.

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Harnessing the Profound Connection Between Emotion and Learning to Enhance the Success of All Students

Presenter: Shelly Schmidt (FSHN)Summary: Shelly will describe her work on the impactful connections between emotion and learning, and discuss ways to make our college classrooms a safe and authentic…

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Effective and Efficient Teaching for Student Success

Presenter: Emily Knox (iSchool) Summary: Teaching is a skill acquired over time, often through the development of tacit knowledge, and can be difficult to articulate. Emily will tease apart this…

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Grad School 101: Creating a Roadmap for Graduate School Success

Having a successful graduate school experience depends on your personal goals and objectives. a roadmap allows you to be thoughtful about how to incorporate opportunities that are valuable to…

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Looking at Life Through a New Lens

Deana McDonagh reflects on the role of empathy in design, and the importance of giving Illinois design students the "two-percent edge."

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