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Harnessing the Profound Connection Between Emotion and Learning to Enhance the Success of All Students

Presenter: Shelly Schmidt (FSHN)Summary: Shelly will describe her work on the impactful connections between emotion and learning, and discuss ways to make our college classrooms a safe and authentic…

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Effective and Efficient Teaching for Student Success

Presenter: Emily Knox (iSchool) Summary: Teaching is a skill acquired over time, often through the development of tacit knowledge, and can be difficult to articulate. Emily will tease apart this…

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Grad School 101: Creating a Roadmap for Graduate School Success

Having a successful graduate school experience depends on your personal goals and objectives. a roadmap allows you to be thoughtful about how to incorporate opportunities that are valuable to…

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Looking at Life Through a New Lens

Deana McDonagh reflects on the role of empathy in design, and the importance of giving Illinois design students the "two-percent edge."

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