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Building Content in Canvas

Building Content in Canvas

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eLearning Seminar - Student Engagement with Microsoft Teams and Miro

Professor Aimee Barbeau shares how she uses Miro and Microsoft Teams to engage students synchronously and asynchronously.

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eLearning Seminar - Academic Integrity Strategies and Tools

Encouraging Academic Integrity Through Course Design and eLearning Tools

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eLearning Seminar - Measuring and Improving Student Engagement

How can you tell how engaged your students are in your online course? Learn about tools that show how your students attend Zoom class and view course videos. Using analytics, you can gain…

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Using a Tablet & Whiteboard Capabilities in Online Sessions

A live session on best practices in using a tablet & whiteboard capabilities in online sessions with Professors Larry DeBrock, Gerlando Lima, & Marcelo Buchelli Recorded for E-Learning use.

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