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Observing Our Observing

Lisa Fay, Ensemble Director/Inner Voices & the Inner Voices Theatre Ensemble, shares her technique for teaching observational skills in the context of the Inner Voices Theatre Ensemble, a program…

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Looking at Life Through a New Lens

Deana McDonagh reflects on the role of empathy in design, and the importance of giving Illinois design students the "two-percent edge."

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Empathy as Insight for Innovation

Andrew Wicklin, a student in the Food Science program at ACES, talks about his experience with the technical challenge in his Product Development course, and explains what he learned about the role…

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Students as Science Policy Influencers

Marianne Alleyne explains why it's important to teach students to become good communicators and encourage them to develop their role as an advocate for their chosen field.

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The Ingenious Solutions Do Not Lie Within

Aimy Wissa talks about the importance of cross-disciplinary communication, and shares the key strategies she teaches her students to use to make collaboration most effective.

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