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2C - Drawings, Models & Maps leveraging them to enhance understanding - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Mary Stevens, Technology ServicesWalking through the differences and strengths of drawings, models and maps, and showing some ways that they can be leveraged to improve communications…

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Speak Clearly, Listen Carefully

Speak Clearly, Listen Carefully Effective communication is vital in our world, but is critical in a caregiving situation. Learn communication techniques that will help to express your feelings in…

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Caffeine Break - Brian Mertz - Managing email in a crisis - April 17, 2020

Managing your inbox while responding to a crisis Whether your is inbox neat and organized or overflowing with hundreds of unread messages, when your team is called on to help respond to a crisis,…

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Winton Does VR - short film by JP Goguen

Emeritus Professor and author of many books, Winton Solberg, joins us for an interview and Virtual Reality tour. Winton tells us about most recent two books and how technology has changed over his…

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Students as Science Policy Influencers

Marianne Alleyne explains why it's important to teach students to become good communicators and encourage them to develop their role as an advocate for their chosen field.

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The Ingenious Solutions Do Not Lie Within

Aimy Wissa talks about the importance of cross-disciplinary communication, and shares the key strategies she teaches her students to use to make collaboration most effective.

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Removing Collaboration Roadblocks: Working locally or remotely doesn't have to be a communication block

Collaborating, participating in a meeting remotely, or working with others from your own office doesn't have to painful. At the University of Illinois we have access to tools like Skype that…

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MA in Translation Studies at the University of Illinois Promotional Video

The MA program in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, taught on campus and online by a faculty that features accomplished translators and interpreters,…

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Laura Gallant on Inflection

Laura Gallant, professor of Communication, talks about intercultural communication and the need to clearly communicate what is expected, not simply rely on typical intonation cues to convey meaning,…

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