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International Student Career Navigator Position Promo Video

International Student Career Navigators serve as peer mentors to international students seeking to advance their professional and career development. Navigators have an understanding of the Career…

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Global Search Engine Market Share - 2022

Global Search Engine Market Share - 2022 Visualizing the market share and percentages of the top search engine companies in 2022 using motion infographics

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ECE 484 Lecture 17: Planning and search

Greedy search, A search, A* search, admissibility, consistency, and optimality of heuristic functions

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ECE 484 Lecture 16: Planning 1

BFS, DFS, Uninformed search algorithm, soundness, completeness, optimality,

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Developing Your Professional ePortfolio

A well-designed professional ePortfolio is a valuable way to demonstrate your achievements, goals, and beliefs to your prospective or current employer. It can also guide you as you seek out…

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Finding Dissertations by Nancy O'Brien

Learn how to find published Dissertations by both University of Illinois alumni and others.

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Database Searching by Nancy O'Brien

Learn how to use the UIUC's online library resources to search the available databases

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Library Resource Overview by Nancy O'Brien

Learn about the UIUC's library resources

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Women Chemists' Committee '10 Steps to a Successful Job Search' Workshop

Women Chemists' Committee '10 Steps to a Successful Job Search' Workshop

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Job Search 101

Alumna Mareah Volk shares job search tips to current students.

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Review 2.

satisfiability, verification, search

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Erica Hamlink Internship/Job Search Workshop

Sociology senior Erica Hamlink provides thorough and insightful information for students who are planning to conduct a job or internship search.

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Safe autonomy (ECE498SM) Lecture 10: Search and planning

planning and search

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CS 440, Fall 2020, Search 5 (28 August 2020)

Good representation of your search space can make a massive difference in searchability.

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CS 440, Fall 2020, Search 4 (28 August 2020)

Uniform-cost search

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CS 440, Fall 2020, Search 3 (28 August 2020)

Details and variations on BFS and DFS, notably length-bounded DFS and iterative deepening.

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ALEC Job Title/Search Tutorial

Jean Drasgow from the ACES Career Office, provides information on how to search for jobs for those in ALEC concentrations and potential career fields.

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What is The New Kaltura eSearch and How to Use It

In this video, we will demonstrate how to better familiarize with the new Kaltura eSearch Engine and get to know how to search for content in the most effective way's.

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EdD-LDL Library Tour - October 2018 by Nancy O'Brien

Workshop recording with Nancy O'Brien on October 18, 2018

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How to Use I-Link Part 2

Part 2 of 2; How to use I-Link, the University of Illinois online job search portal.

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How to Use I-Link Part 1

Part 1 of 2; How to use the online University of Illinois job search portal, I-Link.

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