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Introducing the New DesignPLUS Sidebar

Cidi Labs is proud to share the newest update to our must-have design tools for Canvas. Use the new DesignPLUS Sidebar to create engaging, beautiful, course pages that are accessible to all your…

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The Importance of Visual Design in Online Courses

When it comes to online courses, beauty is more than skin deep. Studies have shown that the aesthetics of an online course are important factors in motivating students to engage and persist in the…

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A Jumpstart For Building QM Ready Courses in Canvas

Dr. Susan Dellasega from Pittsburg State and Natalie Sharp from Cidi Labs share how they use the tools in DesignPLUS to track Quality Matters standards in a Canvas course. View the deck and mentioned…

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Quick Checks

With the Quick Check tool, you can add questions (or Quick Checks) to the page to test comprehension. Quick Check questions are not graded, but provide instant feedback of why an answer is correct or…

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Formatting iFrames

If you have imported content from Canvas LTI tools, then you will have run into the hurdle of trying to format them. Content on the web is embedded typically using iFrames and DesignPLUS make these…

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Accordions and Tabs

Ever wanted to fit more related content onto a page but did not want all the scrolling? Then using Accordions or Tabs is the method for you. But, gone now is the need for any knowledge of code as…

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Working with Tables

CidiLabs DesignTools makes it easier than ever to make your tables not just accessible, but also easier to read and even interactive for your students. Find out how in this CidiSpotlight session

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Key Action Items

This video shows how to add key action items for editors in your course site.

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Adding Interactive Elements with DesignPLUS

This video reviews the Design Tools that allow you to quickly add interactive elements like accordions, expanders, tabs, popup content, and Quick Checks to improve learner engagement in your Canvas…

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Managing Existing Content with DesignPlus

Tutorial covering how to utilize the DesignPLUS Design Tools with previously created content

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Copying Existing Content with DesignPLUS

Tutorial showing how to easily copy existing Canvas course content and template pages using DesignPLUS

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Creating Content with DesignPLUS

This video provides an overview of how to create new Canvas content with DesignPLUS.

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Adjusting Dates with the DesignPLUS Multi Tool

Tutorial showing how to adjust Canvas assignment dates using the DesignPLUS Multi Tool LTI

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Improving Accessibility of Content Using DesignPLUS

Tutorial highlighting the many accessibility features in DesignPLUS that help course creators improve content accessibility.

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Working with Images using DesignPLUS

Tutorial covering how to make working with images easier inside Canvas using the DesignPLUS Upload/Embed Image LTI tool and the Design Tools sidebar.

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Building Courses with the Multi Tool

Tutorial video showing how to create templates, rapidly build courses, and edit due dates in Canvas using the DesignPLUS Multi-Tool.

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DesignPLUS Advanced Training

DesignPLUS Advanced Training from Cidi Lab's Kenneth Larson (the creator of DesignPLUS) on July 21, 2022

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DesignPLUS Intermediate Training

DesignPLUS Intermediate Training from July 13, 2022 (by Cidi Labs' Product Devepment & Customer Support team, Natalie Sharp and Ethan Deceuster).

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DesignPLUS Core Training Part 2

DesignPLUS Core Training Part 2 from July 12, 2022.

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DesignPLUS Core Training Part 1

DesignPLUS Core Training Part 1 from July 11, 2022

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