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CGS- Dr. Allison Witt lecture- Maintaining Online Connection in a Post-pandemic World

"Maintaining Online Connection in a Post-pandemic World; Virtual Exchange as an Accomplice to Mobility" Now that traditional mobility has resumed, what happens to the global classrooms,…

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Resilience in the times of COVID-`19: SwaTaleem's experience with Rural Adolescent Girls

An estimated 10 million girls in India may not return to school when they reopen after the second wave of COVID-19. Furthermore, there will be an increase of more than 30 million child brides in the…

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Cameron McCarthy, "Burnished Ornamentalism: The Social Aesthetics of Postcolonial Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances"

This presentation addresses the matter of the management and conservation of histories (“burnished ornamentalism”) in three school sites: in Barbados, India…

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Allison Witt, "Global Education for a Post-Pandemic World"

Rather than returning to pre-pandemic normal, Higher Education must reexamine strategies for internationalization. This discussion examines previous models of internationalization to consider how…

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Local Responses to Educational Reforms in Chicago and Chile

There is a clear interrelationship between current educational reforms and global economic movements. Educational reforms are driven by the increasing demand for meeting…

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Madhu Viswanathan

Madhu Viswanathan discusses his course on Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Market Places and its innovative strategy of virtual immersion.

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Alan Hansen - Cultural Dimensions

Alan Hansen - Cultural Dimensions

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