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Human-Centered Design

Rachel Switzky, Siebel Center for Design as seen at the Illinois Annual Faculty Retreat (2020) "Harnessing the Science of Emotion to Spark…

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Teaching Racialized Residential Segregation through Collaborative Online Mapping and Impactful Storytelling of Anti-Racist Protests on Campus and its Adjacent Neighborhoods

Ken Salo, Urban & Regional Planning as seen at the Illinois Annual Faculty Retreat (2020) "Harnessing the Science of Emotion to Spark…

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Impact of Implementing a Human-Centered, Student-Centered Design in the Classroom

Dawn M. Bohn, Food Science and Human Nutrition as seen at the Illinois Annual Faculty Retreat (2020) "Harnessing the Science of Emotion to Spark Learning"…

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Everyday Problems become Tomorrow's Solutions

Campus walk-through for problem solving

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Directing Learning: Student Documentaries for 21st Century Communication

Matthew Browning, Recreation Sport & Tourism

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Food Science & Human Nutrition Faculty Retreat Grant

Dawn Bohn & Candace Martinez

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Deploying a Phone and Web-Based Digital Queue for TA Office Hours

Karle Flanagan & Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider

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The Power of Transformative Learning

Kevin Pitts, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

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From Ivory Tower to Main Street: Turning Data to Narrative

Gillen D'Arcy Wood tells us the story of how an Environmental Writing for Publication capstone course helps solve both pedagogical and societal problems, while students benefit from a…

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Fishing for a Story: Podcasts in the Classroom

Becky Fuller of the College of Animal Biology in the School of Integrative Biology tells the story of how students created podcasts in response to a transformative assignment that provides key…

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Learning Through Venturing

2018 Faculty Retreat vignette with Professor Noah Isserman

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Active Teaching & Learning with Virtual Reality

2018 Faculty Retreat Vignette with Professor Cory Pettijohn

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Games & Simulations: Traveling to the Past to Make a Better Future

Clare Crowston of the History department explains how she uses the game "Reacting to the Past" to motivate students and engage them more deeply with the material.

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Peer Review

Jose Vazquez talks about using an effective way to conduct peer reviews to grade open-ended assessment questions.

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i>clicker Questions to Promote Deep Learning and Peer-to-Peer Learning

Jose Vazquez on creating questions and incentives to effectively use i>clickers to stimulate student discussion

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ClassTranscribe - Transforming Lecture Videos into Student-Driven, Student-Owned Learning

Lawrence Angrave, Computer Science instructor, talks about using class transcriptions of lecture videos to inspire "student-owned" learning.

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Teaching Students to Be More Effective and Reflective Learners

Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition, on teaching students effective study practices, using the Louisiana State University's Learning Cycle model.

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Exam Wrappers - A Better Way for Students to Prepare for Exams

Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition describes exam wrappers - a reflective learning practice that helps students improve their study habits and add value to student assessments.

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From Term Papers to Story Maps: A Richer Expression of Student Learning

Marci Uihlein of the School of Architecture talks about using story maps to create a richer learning experience for students.

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Madhu Viswanathan

Madhu Viswanathan discusses his course on Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Market Places and its innovative strategy of virtual immersion.

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Laura Gallant on Inflection

Laura Gallant, professor of Communication, talks about intercultural communication and the need to clearly communicate what is expected, not simply rely on typical intonation cues to convey meaning,…

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Best Practices and Lessons Learned

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Faculty Retreat: Ann Abbott

Faculty Retreat 2014

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Transitioning from Faculty Office Hours to Student Support Groups

Cinda Heeren at the 2014 Faculty Retreat

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