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Peer Review

Jose Vazquez talks about using an effective way to conduct peer reviews to grade open-ended assessment questions.

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i>clicker Questions to Promote Deep Learning and Peer-to-Peer Learning

Jose Vazquez on creating questions and incentives to effectively use i>clickers to stimulate student discussion

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ClassTranscribe - Transforming Lecture Videos into Student-Driven, Student-Owned Learning

Lawrence Angrave, Computer Science instructor, talks about using class transcriptions of lecture videos to inspire "student-owned" learning.

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Teaching Students to Be More Effective and Reflective Learners

Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition, on teaching students effective study practices, using the Louisiana State University's Learning Cycle model.

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Exam Wrappers - A Better Way for Students to Prepare for Exams

Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition describes exam wrappers - a reflective learning practice that helps students improve their study habits and add value to student assessments.

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From Term Papers to Story Maps: A Richer Expression of Student Learning

Marci Uihlein of the School of Architecture talks about using story maps to create a richer learning experience for students.

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