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FLAS 2022-23 Information Session 2

Zoom recording of the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship information session 2, held on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. This information session covers FLAS for the academic year…

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April 12th, 2021 Maritza Paredes Presents: Political Crisis and Environmental Governance in Peru

Dr. Maritza Paredes (Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Peru) presents Politica Crisis and Environmental Governance in Peru

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February 12th 2021 Carwil Bjork-James

Dr. Carwil Bjork-James (Anthropology, Vanderbilt) presents After Evo, A Return to the Grassroots? Understanding Bolivia's New Left Coalition.

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February 15 2021 John Magdaleno

John Magdaleno (Political Science, IESA and UCAB) presents Why Hasn't There Been a Transition to Democracy in Venezuela?: Ten Myths about Transitions to Democracy (presentation in Spanish)

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November 9th 2020 Roundtable Chile I

CLACS Roundtable: ′′Analyzing the Results of Chile's Oct. 25 Plebiscite on the Constitution/ Analysis of the results of the constitutional plebiscite in Chile"Moderator: Julieta…

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October 19th, 2020 Maria Gabriela Ponce

Maria Gabriela Ponce (ABD, Development Studies - Universidad Central de Venezuela) presents National Survey of Living Conditions in Venezuela (ENCOVI 2019/2020) A Portrait of the Deterioration of…

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SPAN 248 Preview of Films

A sneak preview to all 16 fiction films for this course. This 24 minute video will give you an idea about the Latinx and Latin American films we will watch over the semester. Enjoy!

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