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Using GPUs with Python - September 2023

Workshop hosted on 9/12/2023 via Zoom.Notebooks:

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Lesson 1: Python and Box SDK cloud storage API + machine learning = endless possibilitiesIn this lesson, we will:Start the Python command line Install…

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Lesson 2: Writing an Admin Script The first things collaborators see is a folder's name. Include a reminder that this data is sensitive or only…

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Lesson 3: Metadata in Box

From Wikipedia: Metadata: Metadata is "data that provides information about other data". In short, it's data about data.Here are some examples of some types of metadata on some…

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Lesson 4: Machine Learning with Python

In this lesson, we will: install the ImageAI image recognition package apply computer vision process on random photos explore the results and brainstorm

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Full Session - Automating Cloud Content Management and Processing with Box and Python

Don't let your cloud data storage be out of reach! With over a terabyte uploaded daily, U of I Box is easy to upload to, but difficult to master. In this workshop, you'll learn to manage…

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Python Basics

A rundown of basic python syntax and use to support students in NPRE 555

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