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A4 - Migrating to Teams Updates and Information - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

We will present current status of the campus migration from Skype for Business to Teams Online and answer any questions or concerns attendees may present. Presented by: Eric Frahm, Technology…

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K - Next things - Surviving and thriving from tomorrow through ten years out - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

The last few years have stacked a pandemic and a global economic recession on top of the already-worrying demographic and financial trends affecting higher education. As we come out of the scramble…

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Scheduling Online meetings with Outlook

MS Outlook is the standard for campus scheduling. This 1-hour course goes over the basics of scheduling meetings, including using the Scheduling Assistant, then talks about the options for each of…

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eLearning Seminar - Student Engagement with Microsoft Teams and Miro

Professor Aimee Barbeau shares how she uses Miro and Microsoft Teams to engage students synchronously and asynchronously.

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Microsoft Teams Basics

MIcrosoft Teams Basics led by FAST3 and Tech Services service manager

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Accessible Chat and Communications Platforms

Keith Wessel, Technology Services; Dena Strong, Tech Services (Slide deck available under "Attachments") (Captions were autogenerated by Mediaspace. Updates from and human review…

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Microsoft Teams accessibility demo

A demonstration of some of the accessibility features of Microsoft Teams by Keith Wessel. Zoom and Teams are two of the most accessible teleconferencing interfaces, but each of them has its own…

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Intro to Microsoft Teams for Faculty

This is a recording of a presentation by Kathryn Albino of Microsoft held on April 17, 2020. Audio begins at 4 minutes.

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Intro to Microsoft Teams for Staff

This is a recording of a presentation by Kathryn Albino of Microsoft held on April 14, 2020. Audio begins at around 2 minutes, 45 seconds.

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Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Basics of using Microsoft Teams

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high performing teams 2

Panel discussion on lessons learned and tips for managing teams from several professionals that have managed large, diverse grant-funded projects.

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Fundamentals of high performing teams and the dysfunctions of a team

High Performing Teams 1. Principles or fundamentals of high performing teamsDysfunctions of a team Rick Koelsch and Lisa Kaslon

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