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ECE/CS 584 Project Pitch Presentations

HIPAA, Reverse-engineering firmware, C programs in control, Network programming with P4, Neural network verification, robotic manipulation

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ECE/CS 584 Project Planning Discussion

Sample projects: Controller Synthesis -- Kristina Miller Black-box verification -- Dawei Sun

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ECE/CS 584 CPS, Embedded System Verification: Proving invariance, introduction to SAT

Proving inductive invariance properties Introduction to the Boolean Satisfiability GreedySAT algorithm

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Review 2.

satisfiability, verification, search

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Safe autonomy (ECE498SM) Lectures

verification; satisfiability

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Safe autonomy (ECE498SM) Lecture 16: Safety and Verification

verification, safety, discrete models, examples

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Safety verification 3.1: Live lecture

Verifying invariance properties; introduction to SMT solvers

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Verification 2

State machines, nondeterminism

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