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Biological Sciences New Student Orientation

Recording of virtual orientation for new incoming students in Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience at UIUC

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Transfer Student Virtual Orientation

New MCB transfer student orientation video

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Concept Mapping

Using concept mapping to find connections between topics

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The Storytelling Strategy

The study strategy of explaining what you think you know about a topic

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The Story of MCB

An answer to the question "Why is MCB 150 so detail-oriented?"

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How to Use the Schedule Generator

Video tutorial on how to use the schedule generator in Self-Service

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Finding Your Time Ticket For Registration

Video Tutorial on how to look up your registration time ticket in Self-Service.

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How to Check for Holds

Video on how to determine if you have holds on your account, which will prevent registration.

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Plan Ahead for Registration

Video demonstrating how to use the Plan Ahead feature in Enterprise Self-Service for Registration.

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Spring Registration

Spring Scheduling Workshop: Making the Most of Advising By Elizabeth Jones and Milena Nutrobikina

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Milena Nutrobkina Discusses Internships at Illinois

Chemical Engineer Milena Nutrobkina Discusses Internships at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Sociology Welcome Back Event

The Sociology Department welcomes back students for the Fall 2020 semester by introducing faculty members and providing resources for students to stay connected and successful in their classes and…

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MCB 493 VIR- Conversation with Dr. Chris Brooke

Learn about MCB 493 VIR: Virologyfrom the professor himself. Learn about what topics are covered, prerequisite coursework, and how relevant the course is to current scientific research and the field…

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Strategies for Studying Biology

Brad Mehrtens, MCB 150 instructor, shares his tips for sucess in studying in SMCB undergraduate courses.

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