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Extension Website Update Fall 2023

There have been several variations of the Extension website system. As the needs of the organization changed, so did the functionality of the website and its complexity. As the technology advanced,…

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EXT Websites: Creating Accordions and Photo Galleries

Accordions allow lots of content to be organized on the page in hidden accordions.

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EXT MarCom: A Checklist for Your Extension Blogs on Drupal 9

Ensure every blog article has a Spotlight Image sized 730 x 400 pixels with limited/no text. The Banner image is optional. If you choose to use a banner image, be aware the image will be…

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EXT MarCom: Editing Blogs in Drupal 9

What has changed since the upgrade More options for photos NEW REQUIREMENT: Sizing and adding a Spotlight Image DISCONTINUE: Eliminate photos inside text boxes NEW PROCESS: How to link a PDF; never…

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How to Create Calls to Action and Icon Rows

These simple-to-make paragraph types get big ideas across in small spaces.

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EXT: Overview of Content Options for Extension Websites

With so many new choices, it may be hard to know which paragraph type to select to showcase your content. We'll walk through the options in this 30-minute recap for Illinois Extension's new…

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How to Create Website Big Buttons and Cards

Learn the basic differences between Big Buttons and Cards on the new Extension Drupal website

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How to Create Rich Text and Hero Images on the Website

Walk through the process for editing text, PDFs, and links in Rich Text, as well as adding hero images in Extension's Drupal 9 website.

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How to Style Text as a Pull Quote on the Website

Be intentional as you consider which content might be "pulled" out and highlighted as important text on the Extension website.

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How to Add Special Characters on the Website

Using special characters: The special character button allows you to add symbols or language-specific alphabet characters to text in the basic and rich text paragraphs. For press releases, select the…

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How to Create an Email Link on the Extension Website

This new process allows you to create a link on the Extension website that opens an email addressed to the recipient.

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How to Upload a PDF to the Website

Shows the steps for adding a PDF to the Drupal 9 Extension website, as well as add a link to a PDF previously uploaded to the site.

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EXT MarCom: Editing in the New Website Upgrade

Learn the new paragraph types available for the Drupal 9 Extension website upgrade, as well as new ways to upload PDFs and photos, create links, and edit blogs and news releases.

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EXT Comms: Creating Website Events

It's not enough to just list the time and place for an event. People have many options available to them, so it's important each listing uses best marketing practices that motivate people…

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C2 - Campus Drupal Website Framework - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group has been working on several efforts to make building websites on campus easier for everyone. Drupal is a popular CMS on campus and now it's easier to use…

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EXT Comms: The Impact of Topic-based Websites for Extension Unit Sites

The new topic-based websites will improve the user experience for people visiting Extension websites. The change from team-based sites to topic-based sites will impact local unit websites. Learn…

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EXT Comms: How to Write Staff Bios

Creating an online bio helps position both you and Illinois Extension as the source for expert, authoritative, and trustworthy information. Expert. Authoritative, Trustworthy. (E.A.T.) are the…

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2B - Delivering Consistent Web Design Templates Across Multiple Platforms - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Nate Baxley, College of LAS; Laura Hayden, College of Engineering; Matt Sharkey, Office of Strategic Marketing & Branding; Melissa Waller, College of Agricultural, Consumer and…

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EXT Comms: Approving Shared Content

Drupal provides an easy way to accept website content shared to you from a state or unit website.

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EXT Comms: Creating a Website Event

These tips will help you create engaging events to drive people to your unit events.

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EXT Comms: How to Create a Custom URL

Short urls provide a public-friendly web address that's easy to remember and easy to enter. Webtools makes creating short urls easy.

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EXT Comms: Remove Formatting on Copied Text

When pasting content from Word or Publisher into the Extension Drupal website, it's important to remove the design formatting of the Word document so the default formatting of the website is…

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Illinois Drupal Framework: Coming Together to Create Powerful Websites - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Nate Baxley, ATLAS - College of LAS; Melissa Waller, College of ACES; Tyler Rubach, ATLAS - College of LAS; Bill Gutierrez, College of ACES The colleges of ACES and LAS have been using Drupal to…

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Caffeine Break - David Needham, Drupal 8 Configuration - Friday, February 21, 2020

David Needham of the Central Illinois Drupal User Group on Meetup is bringing us a presentation he’s going to be giving in March at MidCamp in Chicago: You just finished building a feature…

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