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How to Use InDesign for Creating Annual Reports and Everything Else

Matt Wiley walks through some of the common things you need to know when using InDesign to create your Annual Report

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How to Create Calls to Action and Icon Rows

These simple-to-make paragraph types get big ideas across in small spaces.

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EXT: Overview of Content Options for Extension Websites

With so many new choices, it may be hard to know which paragraph type to select to showcase your content. We'll walk through the options in this 30-minute recap for Illinois Extension's new…

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How to Create Website Big Buttons and Cards

Learn the basic differences between Big Buttons and Cards on the new Extension Drupal website

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How to Create Rich Text and Hero Images on the Website

Walk through the process for editing text, PDFs, and links in Rich Text, as well as adding hero images in Extension's Drupal 9 website.

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How to Style Text as a Pull Quote on the Website

Be intentional as you consider which content might be "pulled" out and highlighted as important text on the Extension website.

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How to Add Special Characters on the Website

Using special characters: The special character button allows you to add symbols or language-specific alphabet characters to text in the basic and rich text paragraphs. For press releases, select the…

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How to Create an Email Link on the Extension Website

This new process allows you to create a link on the Extension website that opens an email addressed to the recipient.

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How to Upload a PDF to the Website

Shows the steps for adding a PDF to the Drupal 9 Extension website, as well as add a link to a PDF previously uploaded to the site.

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EXT MarCom: Editing in the New Website Upgrade

Learn the new paragraph types available for the Drupal 9 Extension website upgrade, as well as new ways to upload PDFs and photos, create links, and edit blogs and news releases.

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EXT MarCom: Breaking News: Media Relations

We’re live and ready to help you get the scoop on working with media outlets. Do you dread interviews? You’re not alone. Extension experts are often sought by media outlets. Media…

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EXT MarCom: Engaging with Elected Officials

Keep elected officials informed on Extension's impact in their districts. Why it matters: While providing educational information on the positive impact of Extension is vital to continued…

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EXT Comms: Creating Short Form Videos

Short videos with bite-size information are growing in popularity. Whether it's a recipe demonstration or a how-to on gardening care, effective videos can capture your audience's…

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EXT Comms: Creating Accessible PDFs

Images, headings, color contrast. These elements are important to consider when creating a document. Liz Smith and Adena Wilson will review the most important elements of creating accessible…

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EXT Comms: Writing Emails People Will Read

One-third of all work emails that require attention go unread. Only 5% of readers make it to the end of an email, so all the things you think people are learning; they're not. The average…

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EXT Comms: Deciphering Webtools Reports

The Report tab in Webtools holds secrets that will improve your audience engagement. Understanding how (or if) your clients are engaging with your emails and e-newsletters allows you to do more of…

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EXT Comms Gathering and Writing Stories for Unit Annual Reports

Learn strategies for organizing content and writing stories for the annual reports.

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EXT Comms: 2022 Unit Annual Report Process

Learn the deadlines, process, and toolkit resources for this year's Extension unit annual reports

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EXT Comms: Extension Translation Services

Illinois Extension strives to serve diverse populations in our communities, including those with Limited English Proficiencies who do not speak English as their primary language and may have…

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EXT Comms: When to Use Opt-Out vs. Unsubscribe in Group Manager

Extension has specific use cases which favor using the opt-out function of Webtools Group Manager instead of unsubscribe. Review the benefits of both.

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EXT Comms: Take Action Based on Your Website Analytics

Learn how to read Extension's website analytics dashboard to learn how many people are visiting your webpages, how they found you, and how long they stayed on each page. Then learn tips for…

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EXT Comms Design Awesome Event Flyers

Not many of us are designers by trade, yet our daily tasks may require us to do design work. Matt Wiley and Liz Smith will give you the basics of designing flyers that capture attention and drive…

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EXT MarCom: Changing Landscape of Videos on Social Media

Erin Knowles reviews the 20-year history of how videos have changed on social media. She offers practical solutions and best practices for Extension staff to capitalize on the overwhelming interest…

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EXT Comms: Branding Hiccups and How to Fix Them

You have more to do than figure out which Block I goes on what color background. Matt Wiley provides a simple review of the branding requirement, including first look at the new campus…

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