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CGS Event Series: Climate Change. The Age of Adaptation, Dr. Adil Najam

More information about this talk.Taken from Center for Global Studies web listing for talk:"Dr. Najam will examine climate change impacts, particularly on developing countries of the Global…

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IGI Global STEAM Working Group Forum: Climate Crisis Resilience

The IGI Global STEAM Working Group presents the spring 2022 forum, Infrastructure in Health and Environmental Inequalities: Climate Crisis Resilience. A panel discussion with Dr. Karen Hardee, who…

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ACE Excerpt: Average Daily Temperature 2000 & 2100

Visualization of Average daily temperature comparison from 2000 to 2100 from climate simulation models created by Susan Bates and team at NCAR, computed on NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer and…

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Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica Iceberg B-46 Calving Event

In late October, 2018, West Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier released about 300 square kilometers (100 square miles) of ice. The largest iceberg, B46, was 226 square kilometers. With…

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Mapping Semi-Arid Woodland Trees and Carbon with 50cm Satellite Data - Tree Size Breakdown

Satellite imagery is used to count tree size in the African Sahara and Sahel. This video uses artificial color to illustrate the relative sizes of the individual trees and shrubs in the count. …

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Illinois Climate Assessment Summary Webinar - May 17, 2021

Illinois is undergoing a rapid change in weather patterns that already has started to transform the state. A major scientific assessment by The Nature Conservancy, in collaboration with experts at…

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Climate Change - A Threat to Biodiversity

Climate Change - A Threat to Biodiversity

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Prairie Research Institute 2021 Briefing

The Prairie Research Institute applies scientific knowledge and data in geology, ecology and biodiversity, archaeology, water, weather and climate, and sustainable energy to benefit the people,…

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Poster: The COVID19 & Climate Change Syndemic: Recognizing Global Threats and Opportunities

Dr. Holly A. Rosencranz, Dr. Japhia Ramkuma, and Dr. Leslie Herzog present their posted.

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Global Energy Trends: The Supply/Demand, the Technology and the Policy Dimensions

Global Energy Trends: The Supply/Demand, the Technology and the Policy Dimensions George Gross

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Smart Grid: Key to a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

Abstract: Deepak Divan talks about how energy problems might be addressed with new transmission technologies. Title: Smart Grid: Key to a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Speaker: Deepak Divan …

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Teach-In for Global Warming

Teach-In for Global Climate Change Speaker(s): Andrew Leakey, Michael Schlesinger, William C. Sullivan Organization: Center for Global Studies, ETSI

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Greenhouse Gas Effects of Global Biofuel Expansion

Greenhouse Gas Effects of Global Biofuel Expansion Tim Searchinger

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Our Changing Climate: One of the Most Important Issues of the 21st Century

2017 Joint Area Centers Symposium Don Wuebbles, Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Science and affiliate professor in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and in Electrical…

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ITRC April 2020 Seminar on The Science of Climate Change and Why it Matters to Highways and Transportation

Infrastructure Technology Resources Consortium (ITRC) Seminar Series on Resilience and Sustainability of Urban Transportation Infrastructure. Seminar #1 The Science of Climate Change and Why it…

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"Climate Predictions and Projections" by Jim Hurrell (Climate Change Symposium)

Professor Jim Hurrell presents "Climate Predictions and Projections in the Coming Decades: Uncertainty due to Natural Variability." Hurrell is the Scott Presidential Chair of…

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"Carbon Capture and Utilization" by D. Darensbourg (Climate Change Symposium)

Professor Donald J. Darensbourg presents "Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCO): Polycarbonates produced from Carbon Dioxide." Darensbourg is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at…

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"Confronting the Challenges of Climate Change" by Rattan Lal (Climate Change Symposium)

Professor Rattan Lal presents "Managing World Soils for Confronting the Challenges of Climate Change." Lal is a professor of soil science and Director of the Carbon Management and…

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"Organometallic Chemistry in Sustainable Energy Accessibility" by M. Darensbourg (Symposium)

Professor Marcetta York Darensbourg presents "A Role for Organometallic Chemistry in Sustainable Energy Accessibility: Synthetic Analogues of Hydrogenases." Darensbourg is a…

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Solar Farm Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

With the November sun reflecting off 18,867 solar panels, Executive Director of Facilities & Services Al Stratman, welcomed President Timothy Killeen, Interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson, Board of…

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