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Jackson Mural Video 2nd clip

This is the 2nd video about the "Ag Time" mural by Billy Morrow Jackson in the Funk ACES Library. This video show the link on the library website where it highlights and provides the names…

From  Heather Cupps-Miller on 08/30/2020 59 plays 0  

Billy Morrow Jackson Mural--"Ag Time"

This video reviews the Billy Morrow Jackson painting given to the Funk ACES Library as a gift from this well-known painter and UIUC alumnus. The "Ag Time" mural is an excellent…

From  Heather Cupps-Miller on 08/30/2020 81 plays 0  

From Ivory Tower to Main Street: Turning Data to Narrative

Gillen D'Arcy Wood tells us the story of how an Environmental Writing for Publication capstone course helps solve both pedagogical and societal problems, while students benefit from a…

From  Catherine LaBore on 01/23/2019 42 plays 0  

Fishing for a Story: Podcasts in the Classroom

Becky Fuller of the College of Animal Biology in the School of Integrative Biology tells the story of how students created podcasts in response to a transformative assignment that provides key…

From  Catherine LaBore on 01/10/2019 104 plays 1  

Students as Science Policy Influencers

Marianne Alleyne explains why it's important to teach students to become good communicators and encourage them to develop their role as an advocate for their chosen field.

From  Catherine LaBore on 02/13/2018 75 plays 0