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Carle Pride 🏳️‍🌈 at Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Carle Pride 🏳️‍🌈 is a student-led group at Carle Illinois College of Medicine at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It's mission is to create a support network for LGBTQ+…

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"Welcome" from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Carle Illinois College of Medicine

This video offers a snapshot into the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Carle Illinois College of Medicine.

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CI MED Welcomes Dr. Claudius Conrad

Dr. Claudius Conrad joins Carle Illinois College of Medicine, along with the Cancer Center at Illinois and Carle Health. A surgical oncologist and expert in minimally invasive surgery to treat liver,…

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The Importance of Engineering in Medicine: Dean Mark Cohen and President of National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Victor Dzau

President of the National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Victor Dzau, talks with Carle Illinois College of Medicine Dean Mark Cohen about engineering's role in innovation, solution for patients, and…

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Physician Innovators at Carle Illinois College of Medicine

We are Physician-Innovators: The future of medicine will be shaped by innovation–new ideas and new discoveries advancing the quality and experience of life. Carle Illinois College of…

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One Story: UIUC Ph. D. Student, Byron Juma, Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Meet Byron Juma, a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Ph. D. student in Recreation, Sport & Tourism. Originally from Kenya, Byron has travelled the world in the pursuit of higher…

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Extension Annual Report Cheats for Great Design

Walk through ways to enhance your annual reports created using the design template. For additional assistance, check out the Beginner InDesign Template training. Presenter: Matt Wiley

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Illinois Extension Strategic Planning Town Hall 10.20.23

From now through the end of 2024, we will engage in a strategic planning process that will create opportunities for many voices to contribute their own vision for Illinois Extension’s future.…

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2023 Annual Reports: Writing and Organizing Content

I’m going to talk about organizing your content in a way I haven’t done before. So I looked to Bono. Bono was featured last year on CBS Sunday Morning (the type of journalism I always…

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2023 Annual Reports: Accessing Data

Data helps tell a compelling story. Beth Welbes shares how to access the new data dashboard, including county-specific data. Presenter: Beth Welbes

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How to Upload a PDF to the Website

Instead of sending the public to Box for documents, upload them to the website. Presenter: Judy Bingman

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How to Upload a Document to Webtools Email

Instead of sending the public to an unbranded Box folder for documents they need, attach them to an email in Webtools. Presenter: Judy Bingman

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2023 Extension Unit Annual Report Overview

Annual Reports are an important part of telling the Extension story. They provide an opportunity to share with stakeholders, funders, and legislators the impact we have across the state, especially…

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Using the Extension Annual Report InDesign Template

Don't be intimidated by InDesign. Matt Wiley walks through the process of using the Extension Annual Report InDesign Template to complete your annual report Presenter: Matt Wiley

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Extension Website Update Fall 2023

There have been several variations of the Extension website system. As the needs of the organization changed, so did the functionality of the website and its complexity. As the technology advanced,…

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New to IYS Video

This short presentation will give you a broad overview of the IYS process, and it answers the questions we are asked most often. There is no audio and it takes about 3 minutes to view.

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EXT: New GA4 Website Analytics Dashboard for Extension

Google is changing the way it collects and reports website analytics.The current Illinois Extension Web Analytics dashboards in Tableau will be discontinued June 30. The new system to track Extension…

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EXT MarCom: Marketing Starts When Program Planning Begins

Presenter: Emily Steele

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Copyright and Privacy Laws A Guide for Volunteers

You know the rules, but sometimes it's hard to explain those communication rules to our volunteers. Receive practical tools to help you explain important marketing requirements, including…

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EXT MarCom Social Media Policy and Digital Strategy

Hear about Illinois Extension's new social media policy and why such a document is important in 2023. We'll also discuss what digital strategy looks like for the state MarCom team…

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EXT Websites: Creating Accordions and Photo Galleries

Accordions allow lots of content to be organized on the page in hidden accordions. Presenters: Dan Horn and Judy Bingman

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EXT MarCom: Extension's Online Learning System

Last year, more than 12,000 people accessed one of Illinois Extension's 95 online courses. What content do you have that would transition into an online course? Adena Wilson and Stephanie…

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EXT MarCom: A Checklist for Your Extension Blogs on Drupal 9

Ensure every blog article has a Spotlight Image sized 730 x 400 pixels with limited/no text. The Banner image is optional. If you choose to use a banner image, be aware the image will be…

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EXT MarCom Ask the Extension Librarian

Meet Janis Shearer, the University of Illinois librarian tasked with collating historical Extension publications and documents for the university's library.

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