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So You Want to Start a Podcast?

Vince Lara-Cinisomo, producer of the AHS podcast "A Few Minutes With," will give a brief overview of the logistics, mechanics and reasons why doing a podcast might work for your…

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EXT Comms: Understanding What Makes People Take Action

We'll explore how people make "purchasing" decisions. There are two basic reasons people fail to act, according to Annie Niemand, research director for the University of Florida's…

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A Few Minutes With Emily Jordan

Vince Lara at the University of Illinois speaks with RST student Emily Jordan about her academic career, recent Joan Braswell Scholarship, her work with the NJACC tournament and why she chose RST.

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Russia's War on Ukraine: A Conversation with Alumnus Journalist Terrell Jermaine Starr

Part of the IGI Series on Global Responsibilities, the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center welcomed alumnus and war correspondent Terrell Jermaine Starr for a Q&A session on Tuesday,…

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EXT Comms: Writing Effective Emails

Here's why people aren't reading your emails. We're doing email all wrong. By the numbers: Only 5% of readers make it to the end of an email, so all the things you think people are…

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EXT Comms: Writing Press Releases

I heard it. That collective sigh across the system when you even think about writing a press release. We've got a formula that will turn writing releases into the best part of your day. In this…

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SBC Promo Video

Strategic Brand Communication

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SBC Onboarding Video - Tracy Sulkin_2022

Strategic Brand Communication SBC Onboarding Video with Dean Tracy Sulkin

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EXT Comms: Creating Website Events

It's not enough to just list the time and place for an event. People have many options available to them, so it's important each listing uses best marketing practices that motivate people…

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Brian Cunningham's Lab

Brian Cunningham’s research is in the development of biosensors and detection instruments for pharmaceutical high throughout screening, disease diagnostics, point-of-care testing, life science…

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EXT Comms: Creating Website Sliders

Sliders add interest and provide easy ways for readers to find the content they want. There are best practices for creating sliders, including how to slide photos consistently.

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EXT Comms Basics: Writing Bios

Don't leave people guessing who you are. This training outlines a simple template you can follow that provides a professional bio for every staff member. Bios help improve our SEO with Google so…

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EXT Comms: Website Editing Formatting, Photos, PDFs in Drupal

It's been a long time since many of us received our initial Drupal website training, so it's time for a booster. Together, we'll walk through: Sizing and adding photos Adding PDFs…

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Learn how to make your social media posts accessible for all clients.

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EXT Comms: Which Required Statements Should You Use?

Extension was authorized by the passage of the Smith-Lever Act in 1914. The federal law established the Cooperative Extension Service to be administered through each state’s land-grant…

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EXT ACCESSIBILITY: Putting the Pieces Together

This session ties together the month's training as we review the accessibility functions for Microsoft applications and for YouTube.

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EXT Comms: Copyright Basics

Copyright laws protect the creators of intellectual property from the unauthorized use of their content. Just because we find something on the internet does not mean we can use it without asking…

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EXT Comms: Creating One-Page Impact Reports

It's a three-step approach to Impact Report Writing: Issue | Action | Impact. Learn how to craft issue statements that appeal to donors and stakeholders.

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ACCESSIBILITY: Website Accessibility

The Extension accessibility training continues, this issue focusing on practices for adding content to the Extension website.

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EXT Comms: Brand Standards and Canva Templates

A clear brand identity includes a consistent visual representation of your organization. Extension carries the primary branding of University of Illinois. Learn how to use the correct version,…

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Extension creates hundreds of videos. Learn what is required for captioning our videos and what tools are available to help.

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EXT Comms: Putting Together All the Pieces of Webtools | Creating Short URLs.

Ensure the public has an easy way to get to your webpages, videos, and registration sites by creating short, memorable URLs. We also demonstrate how to organize your short URLs, sent emails, and…

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EXT ACCESSIBILITY: Digital Presentations

Ensure your digital trainings and presentations are fully accessible for all your participants.

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EXT Comms Using Skin Designer and Email to Create Emails

Consistent branding is important to establishing Extension's brand identify and alignment with campus. This training reviews the CAN-SPAM Act requirements, the newly-released Extension Webtools…

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