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CGS. Allison Lide, “The Transformative Power of Montessori Education in Afghanistan: It is Possible.”

Coble Hall, Room 306Event Type: LectureSpeaker Information: Allison LideFor 20 years, through war, occupation, and the return of the Taliban, The Garden of Flowers Montessori Preschool has supported…

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CGS - Global Culture Work: Between Transnational Mobility and Local Commitments

This panel brings together dance and theater artists and arts managers based in Africa, Europe, and the Americas to discuss key conditions of their work in this “global” profession. What…

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Edward A. Kolodziej, Global Governance: Evaluating the Liberal Democratic, Chinese, and Russian Solutions (Book Launch)

How do we prevent the next pandemic? Will governments successfully tackle climate change? Will they find ways to close the gap between the haves and have-nots and to eliminate poverty? Which solution…

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Hakim Williams, "Education for Revolutionary Non-Violence"

Dr. Hakim Williams (Gettysburg College) will give a talk about education for revolutionary non-violence. An unsustainably plenteous modernity taunts our emaciated minds, bodies, and spirits.…

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Book Talk With Sonia Hernandez: For a Just and Better World: Engendering Anarchism in the Mexican Borderlands, 1900-1938

In her latest book, For a Just and Better World: Engendering Anarchism in the Mexican Borderlands, 1900-1938, Sonia Hernández tells the story of how Caritina Piña Montalvo and other…

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FLAS 2022-23 Information Session 2

Zoom recording of the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship information session 2, held on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. This information session covers FLAS for the academic year…

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Sherry L. Martin, "Public Opinion and the Indo-Pacific's Regional Architecture"

On November 16 at 12pm on Zoom, Sherry L. Martin (Acting Asia Division Chief in the U.S. Department of State's Office of Opinion Research) will give a talk that provides a historical overview of…

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Janice Jayes, "The Migration System as Modern Feudalism"

On November 9 at 12pm on Zoom, Dr. Janice Jayes will give a talk that examines the twentieth-century regulatory framework tying humans to states, its historical formation, and how it has resulted in…

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FLAS Alumni Career Panel

On October 26 at 12pm, current and recent graduate students are invited to a career exploration panel focusing on using foreign language, area studies, and thematic studies in the job market. Join…

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Resilience in the times of COVID-`19: SwaTaleem's experience with Rural Adolescent Girls

An estimated 10 million girls in India may not return to school when they reopen after the second wave of COVID-19. Furthermore, there will be an increase of more than 30 million child brides in the…

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Cameron McCarthy, "Burnished Ornamentalism: The Social Aesthetics of Postcolonial Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances"

This presentation addresses the matter of the management and conservation of histories (“burnished ornamentalism”) in three school sites: in Barbados, India…

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Global Platforms and Infrastructures

Digital platforms are so pervasive in our everyday life to the point that it becomes no longer meaningful to separate our lives from them. How do they shape our everyday life, cultural industry,…

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Allison Witt, "Global Education for a Post-Pandemic World"

Rather than returning to pre-pandemic normal, Higher Education must reexamine strategies for internationalization. This discussion examines previous models of internationalization to consider how…

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"International Librarianship Discussion with Clara M. Chu" hosted by the ALA@UIUC student chapter

18 March 2021 International Librarianship Discussion with Clara Chu Moderated by Nathan Sonnenschein, co-chair of the International Committee of the ALA student chapter at UIUC and Sylvia…

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Remote Teaching in Times of COVID-19

COVID-19 presented the university educators with a unique set of academic challenges. Please join the CGS-funded faculty and instructors for a discussion of the issues they faced and the insights…

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IGI FLAS Fellowship Information Session - Graduate

Recording of the IGI 2021-2022 FLAS Fellowship Information session for graduate students.

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IGI FLAS Fellowship Information Session - Undergraduate

Recording of the IGI 2021-2022 FLAS Fellowship Information session for undergraduate students.

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Emma Robbins, "Water Scarcity & COVID-19 at the Navajo Nation"

Clean running water on the Navajo Nation has been an ongoing challenge for decades, and even today one in three families still do not have a sink and a toilet. The Navajo Water Project was started in…

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Chimène Keitner, "China's Responsibility for COVID-19: Are Lawsuits the Answer?" (Respondent: Patrick Keenan)

The U.S. response to the global pandemic has been distinctly unilateral, from its announced intention to withdraw from the World Health Organization to its decision not to participate in a WHO-led…

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Eric T. Freyfogle, "Water, Community, and the Culture of Owning"

Professor Freyfogle is the author or editor of a dozen books dealing with issues of humans and nature, some focused on legal aspects, others reaching to larger cultural and social issues. In this…

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Global Studies Lecture Series: Tariq Ali, writer, journalist and filmmaker October 20, 2004 sponsored by the College of LAS

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Understanding Global Poverty

Global Studies Lecture Series: Dani Rodrik, Harvard University October 27, 2004 sponsored by the College of LAS

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Human Rights

Global Studies Lecture Series: James Ross Senior Lawyer, Human RightsWatch Ira Carmen, Political Science, UIUC Stephen Hartnett (moderator) Speech Communication, UIUC November 17, 2004…

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The Neo-Liberal Restructuring of Higher Education: A Global Perspective

Fazal Rizvi Professor of Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois

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