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Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Storing Your Summer Harvest

After a bountiful summer harvest, you will want to ensure your fresh fruits and vegetables are properly stored and can be enjoyed well for months to come. Learn how to cure squash and the best…

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Clip of Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Preserve Like a Pro

Are you planning on preserving your garden’s bounty? This session will cover the pros and cons of canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting your favorite foods. You’ll walk away with a…

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This is a brief sample of what our unit accomplished over the course of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, we still thrived and served our communities!

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Eat Well Shop Smart Teaser Video for Unit 8

This is a marketing video created for the Healthy Cents curriculum.

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Health at Home Holiday Edition: Making a List and Checking It Twice

Feeling overwhelmed with the holiday season? Take back control and stay on track as you reign in some of the chaos by making a list. Join us to learn simple steps you can take to decrease stress and…

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Healthy Habits: Building Budget-Friendly Meals and Tracking Your Progress

It can sometimes seem costly to incorporate healthy meals into your daily routine, but does it have to be this way? Recognizing the need for cheaper meals, health professionals have prioritized…

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Rules of Knife Safety

Rules of knife safety - Delaney Smith

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Kitchen Hazards

4-H Teen Teacher video of kitchen hazards by Naomi and Alana Dolan

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Keep your food separate

4-H Teen Teacher video of keeping foods separate by Alana Dolan.

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Different types of knives

Different types of knives. By Delaney Smith.

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How to hold knife properly and different types of cuts

How to hold knife properly and different types of cuts. By Gail Talavera.

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Healthy Living Washing Dishes and Cleaning

4-H Teen Teacher video about washing dishes and cleaning work spaces by Alana and Naomi Dolan.

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Healthy Living: Properly Storage Leftovers

4-H Teen Teacher video about properly storing leftovers by Naomi Dolan.

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Healthy Living: Proper Serving Size

4-H Teen Teacher video demonstrating proper serving size by Olivia Shike and Sophia Stierwalt.

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